Most Recent Advisory
15 Sep 2023

GPS Operations Center

300 O'Malley
Suite 41
Schriever AFB, CO 80912-3041

Phone: (719) 567-2541/5081
DSN: 560-2541/5081

Hours of Operation

24 Hours a day
7 Days a week

Attention NATO, Coalition, or Allied Military Customers

Foreign military organizations currently engaged in joint operations with US military forces may submit requests for information or anomaly reports to the GPSOC, but must do so through their US military counterparts. Such organizations should provide their US military counterpart with all relevant information regarding the needed support for forwarding to the GPSOC. Once the military counterpart has established contact with the GPSOC, support requirements can be refined and direct liaison authority established if appropriate.

Attention Non-Military Customers

Requests for information or anomaly reports from non-Department of Defense or non-Allied military individuals or agencies should be submitted to the US Coast Guard Navigation Center (NAVCEN). NAVCEN personnel can be reached 24 hours a day; through the NAVCEN website , by email , or by phone: (703) 313-5900